Due diligence services regarding new ventures typically includes a review of proforma projections for capital investments, operation logistics and technology, and operating cost, and opinions on technology and economic feasibility.   Due diligence opinions regarding a proposed acquisition would typically include all these factors, but also involve an opinion on the condition/value of existing assets.

New  Paraguay/Paranar River Transportation System
The assignment involved the review of a business plan for a new barge transportation system for the Paraguay/Paranar River system as part of due diligence assignment for Emerging Markets Partnership (GE Capital), including the analysis of logistics, operations, and capital investment.

Kinder Morgan Terminal Acquisitions
There have been numerous assignments with Kinder Morgan Due Diligence teams investigating potential acquisition opportunities, with responsibilities that included opinions on asset condition and value, concepts for facility improvements, preliminary project schedules, and opinions of probable cost for new projects and sustaining capital.